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AFSTA Benefits, Principles, Objectives​

African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) is a not-for-profit membership association formed in 2000 to champion interests of private seed companies in Africa. It is registered in Kenya as an International Organization with an office for West Africa in Dakar, Senegal. Currently, the Association has about 100 members comprising seed companies and National Seed Trade Associations, among others. 

Here to serve members

“Our Association has over 100 members comprising of seed companies and National Seed Trade Associations, among others. ”

Plant Breeding Innovation

Plant breeding helps us to produce more with less, increasing the efficiency of production and reducing...

Seed for Sale

Afsta offers a platform for members to offer their seeds for same. The platform aims to connect buyers and sellers ...

Partnership and Membership

AFSTA is progresively shifting from public funded seed systems to diversified market oriented private led seed....

Countdown to Congress 2025 - Kigali, Rwanda