In its mission to foster an optimal environment for trade and innovation in quality seed for the benefit of its members and farmers across Africa, AFSTA aims to ensure all African farmers have access to quality seed, thereby achieving food security.
African agriculture is currently evolving amidst numerous challenges. The food market in Africa is expanding rapidly, with the World Bank estimating its value to reach US$1 trillion by 2030, up from US$300 billion today. Additionally, food demand is expected to double by 2050. These trends, coupled with the continent’s food import bill of US$30-50 billion, highlight a significant growth opportunity for the agricultural sector, which fundamentally relies on certified seed.
Currently, Africa’s contribution to the global seed trade is less than 2%. However, there is a growing need for quality seed among African farmers, and seed companies are eager to expand this trade. Increasing this contribution requires a well-coordinated and sustained communication plan at the AFSTA management level.
Considering these opportunities, AFSTA is committed to making a significant impact in the seed trade, particularly for its members. Promoting the trade of high-quality certified seed is both a moral duty and beneficial for AFSTA members. Facilitating Africa’s achievement of food security is a critical step in helping its people rise out of poverty.
With more African countries moving towards the commercialization of biotech crops, the seed sector is prepared to deploy innovative technologies to African farmers. AFSTA’s mandate includes creating an enabling environment within the seed industry for the efficient production of certified seed in Africa.
AFSTA operates in 30 African countries and has trained and sensitized nearly 100 seed companies across the continent on various aspects of seed production, including seed marketing, seed treatment, good agronomic practices, and advocacy on seed issues.
AFSTA communicates through its African Seed Magazine, now in its 10th edition, the E-Review, which has published over 300 editions, and Flash News. The seed industry gathers annually at the AFSTA Annual Congress, with the 2025 edition set to take place in Kigali, Rwanda.
A crucial communication channel for AFSTA is the National Seed Trade Associations (NSTAs), which are pivotal to seed work on the continent. The NSTAs have consistently supported AFSTA’s communication efforts by promoting all aspects of seed production and trade.
To stay informed about developments in the seed production space in Africa, AFSTA strategically partners with various stakeholders. As part of these efforts, AFSTA established the AFSTA Communications and Advocacy Committee and recently developed a comprehensive Strategic Communication & Advocacy Strategy to guide its operations and initiatives.