Special Interest Group (SIGs)


There are two SIGs one for Field Crops (SIGFC) and the other for Vegetables (SIGV), made up of AFSTA members and the Secretariat. They meet at least twice a year and are run by a steering committee, elected from members for a 2-year term with support from the AFSTA secretariat. We have an annual workplan with deliverables and report back to the AFSTA membership at each annual congress with regular briefings to the AFSTA Board.

What can the SIGs do for you?
  • Provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas on issues affecting seed trade as well as providing a ready network, within and outside Africa to support the development of seed trade.
  • Act as a `Think Tank’ to provide technical support to the African seed industry and serve the interest of AFSTA members and farmers
  • Collect information, engage in information research, and develop strategies to promote the trade of quality seeds in Africa.
  • Focus on key issues and support members in solving problems affecting their business and actively promote new ideas, technologies, and seed-based stories using AFSTA resources
  • Address policy, regulatory, and standards issues, and advocate for change
Key issues being addressed by the SIGs

Field Crops:

  • Integrated Fall Armyworm (FAW) management on maize
  • Maize Lethal Necrosis Virus in East Africa
  • Biotechnology in Maize, Cotton & Soybeans
  • Low market attraction in Sorghum & Millet, few-varieties, no hybrids registered
  • Slow Implementation of Regional harmonization as well as varietal release processes & seed certification


  • Inadequate quality seed
  • Production issues due to both biotic and abiotic challenges
  • Post-harvest management and Marketing including certification issues for vegetable crops
  • Competition for resources, e.g. land and water, against higher revenue/strategic crops.
  • Local agro-industry and fresh vegetable export potentialities within the continent and globally
Want to be a member?

The SIGs are open to all AFSTA members. To join, click on this link. To keep you informed about SIG meetings and any other relevant information, contact Catherine Langat,  AFSTA Technical Manager (E-mail: [email protected]),


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