Dakar set to host AFSTA Congress in March 2023

For a country where many farmers have recently taken up seed production as a business, Senegal stands out as a potential new frontier for commercial seed business, according to a post on the West African based CORAF website.

It is amidst this background that the country will host the 23rd AFSTA Annual Congress from March 6 to 9, 2023 in Dakar at the King Fahd Palace Hotel.

According to the National Organising Committee Chairman, Mr Modou Thiam, plans are underway to ensure that the Congress lives up to its expectations.

“We hope to surpass 300 delegates that we hosted in 2017 when we last held the Congress here in Dakar,” he told E-Review.

According to the President of AFSTA, Dr Kulani Machaba, the team in Dakar has shown early signs of exceptional organisation and is confident that the Congress will be worth delegates time and investment. He urged AFSTA members to register in large numbers to attend the showpiece.

He added that Dakar is ready to host the Congress 2023 and the National Organizing Committee is working tirelessly to ensure that it meets the expectations of the delegates.

Senegal has a strong infrastructure of seed-producing cooperatives as well as national seed companies that test and select seed from research institutes and produce and sell seeds in the country.