Who are AFSTA Members?

AFSTA membership is comprised of over 90 organizations, comprising of 46 seed companies and 28 National Seed Trade Associations, among others. For more information about our members, see the members’ page.

Requirements for AFSTA membership include:

Membership Admission Fees (For all members) – USD 500 Annual Membership Fees (For Ordinary Members)

  • seed associations fully established (more than three years) – USD 1,733
  • seed associations in the process of establishment (less than three years) – USD 578
  • public seed corporation – USD 1,155
  • private seed enterprises – USD 1,155

(For Associate Members)

  • government agencies – USD 1,155
  • non-governmental organizations – USD 1,155
  • products and services suppliers – USD 1,155
  • seed/seed related institutions and enterprises from outside the region – USD 1,155

To apply for membership, click on the application form or contact secretariat at: Tel: (+254) 20-2727-860/2727-853
Fax: (+254) 20-2727-861
Postal address: P O Box 2428 KNH, Nairobi – KENYA

Physical Location: Lenana Road, Jumuaia Place 1st Floor

Note: USD – US Dollars


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