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Description: PETKUS is a German group of Technology, Innovation, Engineering and Service companies that mirrors its core competencies in seed processing inovative solutions worldwide. We ensure that individual, customer-specific and complete solutions are developed: from technological concepts & design, investment planning and through to delivery, commissioning and training for turnkey plants or single equipments solutions. Founded in 1852, PETKUS was the world's first manufacturer to mechanize seed cleaning and sorting technology. To date, numerous patents for technological innovations have been registered worldwide. In 1994, Mark Scholze and Luca Celeghini decided to take over the business and spread the development of this heritage in Western Europe, as well as in the rest of the world. With its teams of engineers and experts, the PETKUS group's objective is to offer turnkey installations in the fields of Seed, Cereal Storage and Milling. Over the past 40 years, 200,000 cleaners and 2,000 sorting lines have been installed worldwide. PETKUS is a company with 400 employees acting on all the continents through 24 agencies active in the main regions of globe: Europe / Russia - Byelorussia - Central Asia / North America & Latin America/Canada//Africa/Middle East / Asia - Australia. We are highly interested to seize the opportunity to share our over one century of world leading experiences in inovating seed processing technologies with AFTA member for whole Africa. We would like to provide seed cleaning, sorting and treating inovative technologie solutions. Please create for us an account
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Postal Address: Röberstraße 8, 99848 Wutha-Farnroda
Physical Location: Wutha-Farnroda, Germany
Company Tel: +49 3 69 21- 98 0
Company Tel: +49 152 0911 2128
Contact: Didier SANON
Fax: +49 3 6921 98 333
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Country: Germany
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Country: Germany
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