Actes de Congrès 2012 et rapport du Congrès

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  1. Status of noxious weeds in Africa and their impact on certified seed and production – Prof. Charlie Reinhardt, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  2. Role of the seed industry in facing the challenges of the climate change – Prof. Hannes Rautenbach, University of Pretoria
  3. Challenges and prospects for an integrated seed market in Africa: “A case of Eastern and Southern Africa – Dr. John Mukuka – ACTESA/COMESA
  4. Latest Developments in ISTA – Dr. Michael Muschick, Secretary General of ISTA
  5. Latest developments in OECD – Ira Matuschke, Agricultural Policy Analyst OECD
  6. Latest developments in UPOV – Mr. Peter Button, Secretary General of UPOV
  7. Global seed business trends and statistics – Dr. Marcel Bruins, Secretary General of ISF
  8. Seed business trends and statistics in Africa – Mr. François Burgaud, Director of External Affairs, GNIS France
  9. Recent Developments on Traits for vegetable breeding – Dr. Abdou Tenkouano, Plant Breeder & GeneticistRegional Director for Africa – AVRDC
  10. Access by African farmers to seed technology: “ for a better understanding of seed market in Africa” – Mr Ishmael Sunga, SACAU



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