Mr. Justin Rakotoarisaona – Secretary General, AFSTA

Mr. Justin Rakotoarisaona - Secretary General, AFSTA

Welcome remarks from AFSTA Secretary General

Distinguished delegates,

It is always our pleasure to warmly welcome you to the AFSTA Congress to be held in Cairo, Egypt. Considered a cradle of civilization, ancient Egypt saw some of the earliest developments of writing, agriculture, urbanization, organized religion and central government.

We at AFSTA believe that Africa is ready to feed its people by all stakeholders working together to strengthen linkages between farmers, regulatory organizations, seed-related non-governmental organizations, national agricultural research institutes (NARIs), Universities, extension agents, the private sector and policy makers. They should collaboratively undertake studies to identify gaps, provide reliable data on the seed markets, develop interventions for seed sector development.

The annual AFSTA congresses present excellent opportunities for the private seed sector to define strategies to work hand in hand with the different governments to enhance coordination, consultatively develop long-term plans to guide necessary interventions and avoid duplication of efforts to maximize the benefits from synergies among the different stakeholders.

We are heavily indebted to the government and people of Senegal for their hospitality and support.

We sincerely thank all the sponsors, speakers, moderators and all the delegates and accompanying persons who have spent a great deal of time preparing for this congress 2018.

Enjoy the AFSTA Congress 2018 and your stay in the land of pyramids